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Sap ling
Submitted 2018-05-31 10:39:41 Sapling mission is to connect your employees to your company. The platform was built to elevate the entire employee experience from preboarding to promotions to relocations to internal transfers to offboarding.

With Sapling you can acclimate your new hire to your company culture and build the digital employee record collection before they start on day one. In the self-service portal Josh Allen Camo Jersey , your employees can fill out and sign documents electronically, provide any necessary HR information, as well as explore and discover their peers and the organization culture. The intelligent and automated workflows give your HR teams real time visibility and the right information to make better decisions. Much of the employee onboarding process focuses on communicating to the new hire how they will be held accountable for their work. That means their manager needs to help them establish their role, their responsibilities Yannick Ngakoue Camo Jersey , and objectives within a structured timeline. The robust company branded dashboard centralizes the communication and tracking of the employee onboarding tasks, so nothing in their workflow is missed. Sapling notifies all existing stakeholders from managers to IT to payroll of their action items within the workflow.

Sapling is a system of record for all your employee data that seamlessly syncs across your key existing workflows and integrates with your existing technology. With Sapling; you'll be able to automate all of your HR processes including your onboarding, promotions, internal transfers and exits with e-signaturing Leonard Fournette Camo Jersey , custom workflows, time off, org charts, calendar integrations and more.

Sapling also syncs to other systems Taven Bryan Camo Jersey , including ATS, HRIS, SSO to increase communication and productivity. It also has a native integration with G-Suite and syncs with Slack, email Jalen Ramsey Camo Jersey , and IT tickets so you can be efficient at scale. Sapling is the only HR platform on the market supercharged for companies using G-Suite for HR purposes. What this means is it allows you to create new hire email accounts in a single click, sync your HR data seamlessly with your calendar, build custom reports straight into Google Sheets, and manage HR activities from inside your inbox.

Create configurable reports that equip your team with the data and insights that are right for them to help their reports grow. The customizable workflows Telvin Smith Camo Jersey , document uploads, doc templates, and automated emails eliminate data duplication and time wasted with manual data entry.

What do you think makes your company successful? Your newest hardware or software? The newest system you've put into place? The best location in town? Although these are important, they are not the key to success.

Today it's not enough to produce a product and get the work done. There are big challenges in running a business. Competition isn't just local ? it's coming from all over the world; there's always some new piece of equipment to buy; your customers have critical needs; systems can always be improved; employees have challenges you need to respond to and there are constant changes in technology.

All of this means that being a good leader Nick Foles Camo Jersey , manager or employee is a tall order. Being an effective communicator is just one way you can make a difference.

Communication affects every part of our lives. Whether it's at work or in your family you are constantly interacting with others. Both areas involve the need for cooperation. Discussing ideas, solving problems, making plans for the future all require good interaction skills.

For your interactions to be effective, you need to understand some basic needs and bring that understanding into your interactions.

? We all need to feel valued Gardner Minshew II Rush Jersey , respected, trusted and appreciated.

? We need to be listened to and have our thoughts and ideas heard.

? We like to collaborate on solving problems and get ideas and information before making decisions.

Here are three suggestions on how you can make a difference.

1) How would you act differently if you really believed that all of your co-workers wanted to and were capable of being successful? Would it be possible to trust their intentions even though your styles or methods of accomplishing a task may be different? This attitude of positive regard for others increases their self esteem and is essential to good work relationships.


"I'm really impressed Judy. This new system you came up with has all the information right where we need it. It's going to save the whole team a lot of time."

"That's a great idea. I can see how that could reduce our costs and make a difference in our budget this next year."

"Thanks for taking the time?."

2) Listening and responding with understanding is at the very core of open communication. This is very important when someone is expressing feelings, either positive or negative. Responding with understanding shows that you understand what someone is feeling and why.

Reflecting negative feelings helps defuse those feelings before they cause problems that might otherwise have been avoided. Ignoring them, hoping they will go away or trying to argue them away usually makes the person more emotional. When we are not being heard Ryquell Armstead Rush Jersey , we will often "turn up the volume" in order to be heard.

It's equally important to reflect positive feelings. It's a great way to acknowledge another for how they feel about getting a difficult job done. This reinforces their good work and helps the other person feel even more successful.
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